WeFarm has rebranded to Wefarm. Check out our new logo and our lowercase f !

WeFarm is now Wefarm. We’ve rounded out our edges and dropped our capital F in an attempt to bring you a look and feel that’s even more iconic, modern, friendly and approachable.

No one knows more about farming than farmers. That’s why Wefarmers are coming together to pool their experiences farming every corner of the earth. By creating the world’s largest farmer-to-farmer digital network, Wefarmers gain ideas and insights to increase their own prosperity. Connecting farmer to farmer, whether the answer lies across the valley or oceans away. Our users adapt, innovate and stay one step ahead of their every challenge. As each of us learns, we all grow – putting power into everyone’s hands, online or off, wherever wefarm.

Posted 29 June 2017 |