Festus prevented his cow from dying

Festus Tonui lives in Bomet region on a farm that is 15km away from the nearest town. He was born into a family of farmers and he grow maize and vegetables as well as raising cattle. The vegetables provide for his family and he sells additional maize when he can access a market.

One of Festus’ cows was frequently being attacked by a small white bird with a red beak – to the extent that his cow was bleeding from open wounds. Festus tried to seek help from an agrovet but he didn’t have a solution, so Festus tried to ask for help on WeFarm. Within an hour Festus received advice from a farmer on WeFarm to spray the cow once a week. The bird no longer comes to peck the cow and its wounds have healed. Festus thinks that without the advice from WeFarm the cow probably would have died.

Festus said “since I do not have anyone to ask most of the farming problems, WeFarm is helpful to me – it’s a great place to learn”.

Posted 2 November 2015 |