Creating accessible insurance for farmers could help them protect their livelihoods.

Insurance and Farming, the Inseparables

8 August 2016 Blog

By Dennis Odera, Africa Business Consultant Insurance and farming ought to be inseparable. However, this is not the case in sub-Saharan Africa. Despite farmers facing an increasing number of risks, very few of them have access to insurance services that could … Read more

Empowering female coffee growers can help improve gender equality.

Empowering female coffee growers

25 July 2016 Blog

By Amy Barthorpe, Head of Business Development.  “The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world” – Charles Malik Women make a huge contribution in the production of coffee. But despite female coffee growers doing … Read more

Female Farmer

Single parent Clara increased her income

15 March 2016 Case Study

A female farmer tending to her kitchen garden Early one morning in Kaptumo village in Kenya, a female farmer called Clara was preparing to milk her two cows, when she saw that one of her cows was struggling to stand up. The cow had … Read more