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5 Things You Should Know Before Launching a Start-up

4 November 2015 Blog

More and more people in the UK deciding to leave corporate life and start up their own business. In 2014 there were a record 581,173 new businesses registered in Britain! However, for lots of people, the idea of setting up … Read more

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15 Tips on Sustainable Agriculture

3 November 2015 Blog

There are many ways to improve sustainability on your farm – whether it’s agroforestry (planting trees that give nutrients back to the soil), intercropping (planting different types of crops from year to year to ensure the soil can recover from … Read more

joseph mvunga

Coffee farmer Joseph started micro-business

4 November 2015 Case Study

Joseph Mvunga is a coffee farmer who lives in Kenya. He had heard about farmers earning extra money by raising rabbits, but he had no idea where to start. Joseph sent a text message to WeFarm, asking for advice on … Read more