With data driven mAgri services, small-scale farmers can receive vital information and financial services.

M-Agri services for small-scale farmers

28 April 2016 Blog

Although 2.3 billion people around the world depend on agriculture for their livelihoods, a majority of the over 500 million small-scale farmers – who produce 70% of the world’s food – have limited or no access to critical agricultural information … Read more

Information can help farmers tackle the many problems they face.

Information Revolution for Smallholder Farmers

14 April 2016 Blog

By Dennis Odera, Africa Business Manager “What do you think Kenyan farmers need the most?” A friend asked me this while we were catching up on our careers. I am privileged enough to work in the agriculture space and have … Read more

Female Farmer

Single parent Clara increased her income

15 March 2016 Case Study

A female farmer tending to her kitchen garden Early one morning in Kaptumo village in Kenya, a female farmer called Clara was preparing to milk her two cows, when she saw that one of her cows was struggling to stand up. The cow had … Read more