Renewing nutrients in soil is vital to secure food security.

Recycling nutrients in soil

19 October 2016 Blog

by Njoki Thuo, Agricultural Specialist – Kenya. For most people, soil is just a medium which covers the ground and sometimes makes things dirty. My dictionary gives me two definitions of soil. The first is; ‘the upper layer of the … Read more

Peer-learning can help farmers improve their farms and livelihoods.

Peer Learning, the Future of Extension Services

10 October 2016 Blog

By Dennis Odera, Africa Business Manager. Anthony is a 24-year old trained teacher from Nyakach, Kenya. From a young age, Anthony dreamt of becoming a teacher. After completing his university studies, Anthony, like most graduates, expected to immediately secure employment … Read more

Female Farmer

Single parent Clara increased her income

15 March 2016 Case Study

A female farmer tending to her kitchen garden Early one morning in Kaptumo village in Kenya, a female farmer called Clara was preparing to milk her two cows, when she saw that one of her cows was struggling to stand up. The cow had … Read more