Information can help farmers start a successful agribusiness.

Information…the cornerstone of Agribusiness

22 June 2016 Blog

By Dennis Odera, Africa Business Consultant At face value, food security and unemployment are words that have very little in common. If you look at the words through an agricultural lens, however, similarities start to pop up. An estimated 25% … Read more

Companies often have limited visibility over tea supply chains, which makes it challenging to prevent crop diseases or allocate resources effectively.

What’s brewing in tea supply chains in Kenya?

2 June 2016 Blog

By Amy Barthorpe, Head of Business Development Do you source tea from Kenya? Not surprising, as Kenya is the largest producer of tea in Africa, and the fourth largest producer in the world (behind India, China and Sri Lanka)! For … Read more

Female Farmer

Single parent Clara increased her income

15 March 2016 Case Study

A female farmer tending to her kitchen garden Early one morning in Kaptumo village in Kenya, a female farmer called Clara was preparing to milk her two cows, when she saw that one of her cows was struggling to stand up. The cow had … Read more